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The Shackelford lab is located in the heart of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles. We study the intersection of signal transduction and metabolism in cancer in order to identify the molecular and metabolic basis of tumorigenesis. To more accurately study cancer metabolism in the context of the tumor environment we employ a range of technologies that include PET imaging, microscopy, mass spectrometry and biochemistry that allows us to visually and functionally profile tumors as they progress and evolve during tumorigenesis. We integrate both basic and translational research platforms in order to develop more effective strategies to improve detection, diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

Our lab is a proud member of UCLA’s Metabolism Research Consortium focused on understanding metabolism in human disease and aging. The Metabolism Theme was recently set in motion at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. Here, the Shackelford lab is surrounded by a diverse group of colleagues who are leaders in the fields of mitochondrial biology and metabolism. Most important – our interests and passions are closely aligned together creating a truly stellar research environment. We invite you to check out the Metabolism Theme in more detail at the following link: https://medschool.ucla.edu/metabolism

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